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Save time, money and effort on the job

SURE/CUT™ is the next generation abrasive blasting line that increases productivity by providing a low consumption rate, more aggressive cutting profile, and a cost-effective solution to other high-quality abrasives.

We believe that what is most important to the blaster is the material that helps them get the job done faster, safer, and with less effort. SURE/CUT™ provides that solution with a growing line of abrasives that have been trialed, tested, and proven to CUT better than any other offering in the market.

SURE/CUT™ - Cutting Performance

Our Sure/Cut™Range


A proprietary Calcium-iron silicate abrasive that provides the most effective cutting results in the market. This is a premium abrasive solution that cuts faster than any other product in the market, saving you money and time on the job.


Our product lines are produced here in the USA. With current plants in the Mid West and Texas, we have the ability to distribute product where necessary.  With extremely high demand, there are already plans to develop more plants, bringing the product closer to you.


Our strategically sourced Nickel abrasive provides a very clean and efficient cutting result. Reliably sourced so it’s available when you need it, where you need it.

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